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Holiday Traditions: The Christmas Story

Merry Christmas

This month I’ve been posting about Holiday Traditions.  You’ve heard about my daddy’s annual Christmas poem, our Elf on the Shelf, Christmas Pajamas, and how fun it is to make tasty treats with the kids.   It has been fun sharing these little glimpses into our family with you.  Even though family traditions vary from family […]

Holiday Traditions: Tasty Treats (+ cooking with kids)

Chocolate Pretzel Bites

Never start a diet in December. Sage advice, trust me.  Between the parties, get-togethers, cookie swaps, gifts, and office munching, treats abound this time of year. You can either accept it, enjoy a taste here and there, or just jump in with both feet and have a little bit of everything. Most Christmas treats I […]

Holiday Traditions: Christmas Pajamas

The Pajama Elves, our new Christmas tradition

I love Christmas morning. I have always loved Christmas morning. When I was a child it was the excitement of Santa and opening gifts. As a young adult it was the very grown up fun of getting to drink mimosas with the grown-ups as we prepared brunch. And now as a parent, it is seeing […]

Holiday Traditions: Elf on the Shelf. Or in our case “Elf off the Shelf”.

Cole the Elf... Our Elf on the Shelf.

He joined our family the day after Thanksgiving in 2009.  I was 8 months pregnant with Little Man and Curly Q was 3.  We were living in limbo, so to speak.  Our move to Maine was forthcoming, but first we had to celebrate Christmas, have a baby a couple of months after that, and then get […]

Holiday Traditions: My Daddy’s Christmas Poem

Little Man, Pop, & Curly Q

Holiday traditions.  Every family has them.  Many are shared, and many are as unique as the people that celebrate them.  As we have traveled and moved our family from one part of the country to another, it is always interesting to hear what other families are doing during the holidays and how those traditions are […]

It’s going to be a Pinteresting weekend. ‘Tis the Season to be Crafty!

Coffee Filter Wreath

‘Twas six weeks before Christmas, and all through our home, Not a single light was twinkling, except for the one my daughter left on.   No lights have been strung in the front yard with care, (And if they hadn’t started rotting our jack ‘o lanterns would probably still be there.)    So with a […]