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The North vs. The South: Wealth, Luck and Good Fortune on New Year’s Day

Traditional Southern New Year's Dinner

It always seems to go back to the Civil War.  Those “silly” Southern traditions that migrated North with my family when we moved from Georgia to Maine just 4 short years ago.  The ones that I am determined to preserve in our family. I find that my Northern friends are fascinated with our traditions. I’m […]

Thanksgiving Traditions: Dressing vs. Stuffing

Holiday Traditions: Part 1

I love Thanksgiving.   I love everything about Thanksgiving.   I love reflecting on all that we are thankful for.  I love how the house smells.  I love traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation; not just in my family, but all across our wonderful country.   But there is one tradition […]

The Cost of Honesty and Dishes


I was raised by a host of people that taught me the value and virtue of being honest and doing the right thing.  Does it mean that I am always great at doing that?  Not exactly. Just ask my daughter when she hears me tell our youngest a “little white lie”. No, he doesn’t really […]