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Snow and Ice: A Southerner’s Point of View

This was taken in 2011 - my first Maine Winter.

This is my fourth winter in Maine. I’m used to telling people that. Whenever I meet someone, after they pick up on the tell-tale Southern accent, the question is inevitable, “Is this your first Maine winter?” No.  It isn’t. I’ve already accepted the fact that I will always be “from away”.  I’m OK with that […]

Holiday Traditions: Elf on the Shelf. Or in our case “Elf off the Shelf”.

Cole the Elf... Our Elf on the Shelf.

He joined our family the day after Thanksgiving in 2009.  I was 8 months pregnant with Little Man and Curly Q was 3.  We were living in limbo, so to speak.  Our move to Maine was forthcoming, but first we had to celebrate Christmas, have a baby a couple of months after that, and then get […]

Thanksgiving Tip: How to lose 5 pounds before the big meal

Before & After Pics:  Weight Loss Hairstyle

Fast forward to the way you feel just after that big holiday meal.  You have consumed a couple of helpings of your favorite dishes and maybe even a slice of pie.  You are full.  You wore your stretchy pants and dread getting onto the scales after consuming so many rich foods. You could do like […]

Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat.


Ahh Halloween. Trick-or-treating.  Costumes.  Piles of candy. For some, this is a favorite holiday.  For others, terrifying. When I was a child, I loved coming up with costume ideas and dressing up.  We always had a great time dreaming up our costumes and making them from what we had around the house.  Every now and […]